Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Archive Posted

Hi Creuksters,
I posted the archive up. The link is on the schedule page. This list contains everything in the database. There are about 2000 songs. Roughly 4/5ths are from unique artists. That means there are 1600+ people who have made at least one Electronica (as Creuk Radio defines the word Electronica) song.
Thanks. God bless.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sheila E Interview


I walked over to a tree and I just hugged the tree. I looked up at the sky and it was so blue. I laid on the grass on my back and said, "Lord, look at all these wonderful things you've given us that we just take for granted. I thought that I needed this and I needed that, but I only need you.

Thanks. God bless.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Resume Writer App

Hi All,

Thanks be to God.

I created a simple resume writer app for Android tonight. I posted it on my archive.org page.

Thanks. God Bless.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Business Cash Budget App

Hi All,

I uploaded an app to archive.org called Business Cash Budget. I think it works okay. I haven't tested all the calculations so I am not planning on putting it in the Google Play store.

Get it from the link in the right hand column of this webpage where it says Archive.org

Thanks. God Bless.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Music Bio

Hi All,

I pray you are doing well.

Here is my music bio:

Aaron Cavanaugh Bio:

Project Members
Aaron Cavanaugh

Project History
I was born in Edmonds WA. I grew up in Everett WA. I was devoted to the drum and bass scene in Seattle for many years before retiring from the scene due to my lack of following God. I make Quirky Christian Electronica. What You Looking At Jesus? was my first album was made on a 500 Mhz PC. Fragile album was made with Acid, Orion Platinum and Renoise as sequencers. Hyrax I used a new EQ which adds depth to several of the songs. Submerge is heavily sample based inspired by songs I was listening to at the time completely made in Renoise. Remastered uses the best masters I had available and new techniques I learned to provide the best sonically sounding songs I have produced to date. Freer was made largely using samples that I cultivated from tracks that were added to Creuk Radio playlists.

I left the drum and bass scene shortly after breakcore started coming out. To me breakcore was the natural offshoot of the early drum and bass like “Original Nuttah,” “Essasin,” “DJ Aphrodite” etc. I have been heavily involved in cultivating tunes for Creuk Radio for a long time. God has been miraculous. He/She has provided a non-relenting stream of tunes for the station. My own music production has drawn largely on samples that I have collected during the Creuk Radio cultivating years of 2005-present.

Equipment Used
Laptop, Renoise software, various other software for PC, a Digitech Vocal 300.

Performance History
August 2007 - Xfest NW

What You Looking At Jesus? (independent, 2005)
Fragile (independent, 2008)
Hyrax (independent, 2009)
Submerge (independent, 2010)
Remasterd (independent, 2011)
Freer (independent, 2011)

Compilation Appearances:

Happy Birthday Jesus (Creuk Radio, 2005) - "My Christmas Song"
Oregeon Christian Electronica Compilation (Creuk Radio, 2008) - "Psalms(remix)"
Living For God - Christian Electronica (Creuk Radio, 2009) - Krisand - Thank You (Aaron Cavanaugh Remix)
Prayers for the Fallen (Checksum Recordings, 2011) - Run After God

Thanks. God Bless.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mobile Users

Hi All, Thanks for viewing my site. If you are viewing this page on a mobile device please scroll to the bottom and select web version to view links in the right hand column. Thanks. God bless. Aaron